Rift and Rise- Andrea Cremer

So I have one beef with these book, and that’s that I feel like Rise and its predecessor Rift need to swap titles. Whatever.

If you haven’t read Rift, go do that first. Lord Barrow Hess, who shall thereafter be called His Lord Sexiness, is fabulous. So is Ember, the main character, who quite awesomely kicks ass. I know it’s a part of the Nightshade thing- I think it’ s a prequel? But I haven’t read the Nightshade trilogy, and you don’t really need to in order to read these books.

Main plot summary: Ember Morrow joins the Knights of Conatus, who fight demons and warlocks and cool stuff like that with swords and she wears things like kirtles, which I am not entirely sure of the definition of, plus her mentor His Lord Sexiness is super hot, as his name implies. I mean, Barrow is a pretty hot name in and of itself, but I really feel like His Lord Sexiness is more appropriate. Oh and there’s a love triangle- and you’ll soon figure out, there are very few things I enjoy more than a good love triangle, and one of them is a love quadrangle, which we may encounter at some point or another. One can always hope. Ember’s childhood friend Alistair has a very creepy and misguided idea that she wants to marry him slash have sex with him at least when she makes it pretty clear that she doesn’t. Annoying as he is in the first book, he only gets more so in the second. Oh and the actual point of the book is that there are confusing things going on and you know what who really cares? Go read the book jacket. The important part is that His Lord Sexiness is present and being sexy to the fullest extent of his powers, which are considerable, and that’s why you should read this book. Seriously. You will not regret it.

Sometimes the heroine has moments of being too stupid to live and Alistair borders on sexual harassment, but if you can overlook that and you like a good mentor-student romance happening minus the unavoidable creepiness when it happens in the present era, this is a perfect fit for you.


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First post!

This is all very exciting, blah blah blah. There may be a few spoilers on this blog, but only enough to make you go out and get the book I want you to read. Or to know enough not to get the book I don’t want you to read. Well, I may spoil those entirely. But can you really blame me? Some terrible books just need to be exposed to the world.

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